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Bob Knoll is widely considered to be one of the top wedding photographers in Central Kentucky with an average booking of 30 weddings per year. Bob was born in Fulda, Germany, and spent his life between Germany and the United States as an Army brat before starting his own career in the Army in 1984.

Bob has been obsessed with photography since he was given his first film camera at the age of thirteen. His film background and spending hours in a dark room developing photos and shooting pictures as a youth, has resulted in his ability to shoot it right in the camera and not over Photoshopping his images. Bob also believes that photography is less about the mechanics and more about connecting with the actual person. He prefers to utilize the available natural surroundings and light to make the experience more real. He continues with this belief still today.


Another belief he has is that a wedding day should be full of laughter and happiness, as well as those unforgettable moments that wrench your heart with tears of delight. Capturing those moments give clients a lifetime of memories. Bob also believes the wedding day revolves mostly around the bride who he refers to as the "princess for the day." (Sorry guys but don't worry, I try to make you feel just as important.) Bob has a unique way of making the bride feel special on her important day. His fun and elegant style is irresistible and he makes even those brides who are nervous and stressed, totally at ease on her wedding day.


Anyone who has worked with Bob photographing their wedding truly understands the term "pushing the limits" in capturing those unique moments. He is always striving to push the limits to improve as a photographer. Although you are ecstatic about your images, Bob is never satisfied and continues to improve his craft. Believe me I know, I have lived with him for over 25 years and he is always working to find new and exciting ways to photograph your wedding day.


It is his love for photography that pulled me into the joy of being his sidekick and partner in photographing weddings. We are a husband and wife team however, Bob is the master behind the camera. Throughout our marriage I have had the privilege of working beside my husband as he has touched the lives of many young couples capturing those precious and loving memories that will be forever in your hearts. I hope you too will have the privilege and joy working with Bob on your special wedding day!





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